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The search for the new Whyzdom frontwoman is over ! - 20/10/2010
A new front woman... 30/06/2010 Wherever you live in Europe... if you feel that Whyzdom music and concept can become part of your life, if you want to live your passion on stage - be it small or big, if you're ready to work hard as part of a team and not as a diva, if you're ready to come to Paris for rehearsal periods, the album recordings, photo shoots... Send 2 mp3s, 3 or 4 photos to vynceleff@hotmail.com (or give us a link to your Myspace profile if you have one), tell us about your past experiences, and about all your other artistic passions (instrument, theater, anything else...) Don't worry if the extracts you have are not typically in the metal style. It's great if you have a celtic, soul or rock background... anything new is interesting and we are very open minded. And no problem if the technical quality of the recording is bad - even an cappella song recorded with your terrible PC microphone will do the trick. We're eager to listen to you ! Telya leaves Whyzdom 30/06/2010 We are very sad to announce that Telya recently decided to leave WHYZDOM. We want to thank Telya for all the great moments we shared. They will remain in our memories forever. We wish her an enormous success and we surely will have the pleasure to hear and see her again in other projects that will reveal her great talent. After the Metal Female Voices Fest, the BRINK OF INFINITY TOUR 3/04/2010 A new date has been added to the "Brink Of Infinity Tour" : we'll play in BORDEAUX the 5 th of june, with our friends ATMOSFAIRY. Here are all the dates of the tour : Templeuve (BE) 13/3, Le Locle (CH) 24/4, Paris LA SCENE BASTILLE 4/5, Luynes 14/5, Bordeaux 5/6, Raismes 12/9. You can still expect some more to be announced in the next few weeks. We hope to see you at one of these concerts ! Don't hesitate to contact other fans in our forum if you need some advice to go to the venues, or even want to share transportation or hotel ! WHYZDOM at RAISMES FEST 2010 ! 10/02/2010 We are very proud to announce that WHYZDOM will play on the big stage of the RAISMES FEST 2010, 12th of sept. Follow the news on the Raismes Fest website to see what big names will be confirmed in one of the major french festival in the next few weeks ! Back from Delain tour. See you at the METAL FEMALE VOICES FEST ! 14/10/2009 Dear Friends, Good things have an end... all the Whyzdom family is now back home, and the adrenaline that was keeping us awake, despite the very few hours of sleep we could have each day, is vanishing. This was an ENORMOUS adventure ! It was really great to have the opportunity to meet Delain's fans, and to see them so open to our music. It was also a great pleasure to meet our own fans who support us from so long ! We also would like to say that we are deeply thankful towards Delain. They have been so nice, so warm. It has been an unforgettable experience that we shared with them. So... Thank you Delain, and see you next week at the Metal Female Voices Fest ! From The Brink Of Infinity Trailer online ! - 01/09/2009 Don't hesitate to leave your comments on YOUTUBE or on the Forum ! DELAIN supported by WHYZDOM - 25/07/2009 We will support DELAIN next october ! It's gonna be a fantastic tour and a great deal of fun ! We hope to see as many fans as possible ! Be sure not to miss a concert near you : we will play in Toulouse, Madrid, Barcelona, Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg and Paris between the 2nd and the 8th of October ! The best thing of all is that we will play again with DELAIN at the Metal Female Voices Fest ! From The Brink Of Infinity : Release date officially announced ! - 8/07/2009 We are very proud to announce that the official release date of our debut album was announced by ASCENDANCE RECORDS ! It will be available worldwide the 21st of september. In the meanwhile, you can preorder it here ! ! METAL FEMALE VOICES FEST !!! - Wieze - Belgique - 11/06/2009 The Metal Female Voices Fest line-up is now complete. We are very proud to share the stage with great bands like DELAIN and EPICA on Saturday ! And it will be a great pleasure to see TARJA and DORO live on Sunday ! METAL FEMALE VOICES FEST Awards : vote WHYZDOM ! 07/05/2009 The MFVF organizers have something more new for us all ! The MFVF Awards ! You can vote for us HERE ! We hope to see you all there in Belgium. ! In the mean time, here is a new live video ! Debut Album almost ready - 26/04/2009 Our debut album "From The Brink Of Infinity" is almost complete. The mastering will be done by Markus Teske, who usually works with VANDENPLAS, but also worked with SYMPHONY X !
Now is the time to announce that the search for our new lead vocalist has come to an end. We want to thank all of those who sent us their application, not only from France but also from Europe and America as well. We have been really impressed by their talent and we are still surprised that we could draw the attention of so many great singers. Thank you all again ! We decided to welcome in the Whyzdom family a young outstanding french vocalist, whose thrilling and powerful voice fits perfectly the music of the album that we've been preparing for some time. As you can guess, we are eager to present her officially, but of course you'll understand that we need some material before doing so, that we'll gather in the next following weeks. We also want to thank our great friend Lisa Middelhauve from the deepest of our heart, with whom we shared two of our favorite concert times. We will undoubtedly cherish the memories of these days of joy and happiness all our lives. Of course, such a friendship cannot just stop here. We are already working together on the idea of including Lisa vocals in some tracks of the new album, as featured artist... and we really hope to have the occasion to have her join us on stage very soon ! Thank you again for your support and your patience !
WHYZDOM as support act for TARJA in Paris - Bataclan - 10 oct - 12/09/2010
We are very happy to announce that WHYZDOM will open for TARJA in Paris (Bataclan), the 10th of october... and moreover, we will have the pleasure to play our music with LISA MIDDELHAUVE (ex XANDRIA) again at this special occasion ! See you there !
!!!! LISA MIDDELHAUVE on stage with WHYZDOM at RAISMES FEST !!!!! - 09/07/2010
We are delighted to announce that next sept 12th, we will have the great honor to welcome on the stage of the RAISMES FEST our friend LISA MIDDELHAUVE as guest lead vocalist ! Many of you already know Lisa as former front woman of the legendary german band XANDRIA... so you'll easily understand how thrilled we are at the idea of sharing the stage with such a great lady. Needless to say that this is an event that you won't want to miss, so... just see you all there !
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